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L6-02 Custom Sandblasted Sign

These are made of high-density urethane, and finished with top quality exterior paints.

They are designed for extended exterior use in any climate.

Background is Sandblasted away in a dramatic wood-grain pattern, leaving lettering and border standing out. Art design area is routed down smooth and hand-painted (usually by Rich Storey). Overall dimensions are: 18" x 24" x 1.5"

In the fields below, "Sign Copy" means the lettering that should be written on the sign. In "Sign Copy 1" enter the lettering you feel is the most important. If there is additional lettering that is to be on the sign, enter in in "Sign Copy 2".

Let us know what colors you like. Enter a written description, or refer to a sample you see above or on

When it comes to artwork, don't feel limited to the samples illustrated here. Feel free to refer to a sample you saw on, or describe what you have in mind; chances are Rich can do it. If not, we'll let you know before any charge is processed.

After "add to cart" is clicked on this page, there's a "comments" text box. This is on the same page that asks for payment information. If there's not enough room here, feel free to add any details there you'd like us to be aware of when building your particular sign.

Make sure to include your email address, so we can send a confirmation. Your new sign will be complete, and will arrive via Priority Mail, in about two weeks.

L6-02 Custom Sandblasted Sign
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For lots more information on the full range of routed and sandblasted signs available, including over 200 color photos of past work, visit our primary website at: